Graffiti Knitting at Angouleme Comics Festival 2012 | Whodunnknit

Extrait : "Zut alors! What do you get if you mix one yarnstorming graffiti knitter, one pile of insanely coloured yarn and the biggest comics festival in Europe? You get the Weekend of the Woolly Wildflowers!
I work my woolly magic at The Fleece Station, a studio in deepest Deptford which I share with not one but two comics-making geniuses, and in the year or so since I’ve been there I have learned that comics aren’t all superheroes and slapstick. In fact there are some bloomin’ amazing things going in the comics world.
And the Angouleme – Festival International de la Bande Dessinée (Angouleme Comics Festival for those of us less French) is the jewel in the shiny comics crown. Everyone who is any one in comics goes and it takes over the whole city. Not just inside at exhibitions, the comics literally run wild on the streets! It’s fantabulous!
Street art is huge in Angouleme, with comic characters and all sorts of other inspiring graffiti goodness appearing in the city. How could I resist?
If you’re going to yarnstorm you have to do it properly. Since I’m not really a ‘socks on lampposts’ gal I needed a focus. Who best to knit but the festival’s mascot?
Ladies and gents, meet Le Fauve the Angouleme Festival Cat, created by comics-god Mr Lewis Trondheim. Say ‘bonjour’ Le Favre…"